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3 Simple Ways to Make Your Blog Posts More Conversational

You’ve probably heard that your blog posts need to be “conversational”. You may also have been told why: to create a sense of connection with your reader, keep them engaged, and make your blog sound less like a lecture and more like a discussion. That’s all true. But making your writing “conversational” can be tricky – especially if you come from a business or academic writing background. If your blog posts tend to sound a little dry and stilted, here are three simple ways to change things. #1: Talk Directly to Your Reader Write your post as if you’re talking a specific reader. Picturing an actual person may help – someone you know in real life, or who comments on your blog. You could even imagine you’re emailing them, or writing a Facebook post or comment. And use words like “I” and “you”, even though you were probably taught not to at school or work. When you’re blogging it’s totally fine to...

How I Write a Blog Post: My Step-by-Step Process

I’m often asked how I write a blog post. What does the process look like from start to finish? Stackwiser readers and podcast listeners have asked about where in the process I do specific things, such as writing the headline and the introduction. In this post I’ll take you through exactly what I do so you can use my process (or your own unique twist on it) to make creating content much easier. And this doesn’t apply to just blog posts. You could use the same process for creating YouTube videos or podcast episodes. Step #1: Pick a Topic The first step is pretty logical: pick a topic. With my blogs – Stackwiser and Digital Photography School – that normally means identifying one of these: A question one of my readers has A problem one of my readers is trying to overcome A task someone is trying to complete A goal someone is trying to achieve My blogs teach people how...

Oppo F9 price in Pakistan

Oppo F9’s retail price in Pakistan is Rs. 44,999. Official dealers and warranty providers regulate the retail price of Oppo mobile products in official warranty. Retail Price of Oppo F9 in Pakistan is Rs. 44,999. Retail Price of Oppo in USD is $335. OPPO F9 – 5-Minutes Charge, 2-Hour Talk! Tech giant OPPO has launched F9, the most stylish & latest device of its kind. Rapidly advancing Chinese manufacturer is the first to launch a Flagship smartphone with Gorilla Glass 6 in the market. Who would have thought that? – Oppo F9 is one step ahead of the market leaders Samsung and Huawei. Corning confirmed that even before the launch that the device indeed is equipped with the new special glass. OPPO F9’s launch will clear things up if Gorilla Glass 6 really is that resilient. The All new remodeled design does feature a notch but its not that big. Apart from that Oppo’s F9 also features a 6.3-inch IPS display with a resolution of...


“The Future Doctor” | This is Haroon Mahmood, a Pakistani PhD candidate. Reportedly, another Pakistani, Haroon Mahmood, doing PhD in Lincoln University Christchurch, embraced Shahadat in last day terrorist attack on Masjid. May Allah grant him place in higher gardens of Jannah. Our prayers are with bereaved family. .



#SamsungPakistan has came up with this brilliant campaign in which they partnered with Dar-ul-Sukoon and SoS Village. They took youth to these places, arranged screening of PSL matches so everyone elderly, youth and children can enjoy matches together.

Ways to Find Trending Topics and Key Words

One of the key success factors in marketing is the ability of a marketer to seize a certain moment – jumping on a trending item that will resonate with their audience, and repackaging it so it’s relevant to the reader. We’re all individuals, and what we like could be totally different to our friends. But if people are interested in your blog, they are interested in you, and what you’re interested in. If something is trending that you know they will love, it’s easy to capitalise on that for the benefit of your followers.  Here are a few places you can keep tabs on the pulse of what’s new and interesting on the internet, so you can bring your audience the latest. Where to find trending topics and keywords for your blog While a decade ago it would have been difficult to find such trends in real time, internet has now made it very easy to locate the live...

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